Hana Snowy Pet Salon & Spa currently offers a variety of luxurious grooming packages and a la carte options.

We use safe, all-natural products when grooming your little fur ball and specialize in creating a stress-free environment that will keep you and your pup relaxed and leaving happy. Our professional groomers are happy to assist you with any special requests from taking extra special care of those who are nervous or older, to customizing a stylish haircut. 

 We love bringing out the best in our furry clients and strive to be cutting edge in pet grooming and customer service! In addition to grooming, we also provide 100% Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning. Healthy teeth are as important for Fido as they are for humans. Anesthesia-free methods are much safer and can be just as effective as a trip to the vet if performed regularly. 

We’re always looking for more ways to serve our customers. Visit Hanasnowy.com regularly for updates on more services that we’ve added. Check out all of our current services by clicking on them below.