We know a visit to the groomers is often stressful for your pets. Our staff makes sure your pets’ visit is relaxed and enjoyable. Our beautiful, tranquil salon puts your pets at ease from the moment they walk in and we pamper them with gentle loving care throughout the spa experience.

We focus on the relationships with our customers and their beloved pets.

All of us at Hana Snowy Inc strive to create a beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly environment not only because we love pets, but because they love us!

Our skilled and professional staff bring out the things you love most about your pets. We show our love by providing the highest quality in service to both you and your furry friend.

We stay updated on the latest methods and technology to keep your pet relaxed and healthy. Hana Snowy is home for all our furry friends!



Many people ask me why I decided to venture into the pet grooming business after building a successful 25-year career in finance and accounting and exactly how my partner and I decided on the name ‘Hana Snowy’ for our business. The story began eight years ago when my daughter insisted on adopting a three-month-old white fluffy puppy. From day one, the whole family fell in love with Hana – an adorable white American Eskimo. We admired her beautiful eyes and the funny noises she made as if she were trying to talk to us. I couldn’t list all the ways this little puppy brought so much joy to our family. One thing we were sure of, was her unconditional love toward us. We couldn’t get enough seeing her overjoyed, bright-eyed and tail wagging. She has been there to comfort me and bring me moments of joy even in my toughest times a couple years ago when I was recovering from thyroid cancer. She is my companion, my best friend. She is why I am a ‘dog person’ today.


Co-Founder Lily & her Pomeranian, Snowy


Co-Founder Judy & her American Eskimo, Hana

Hana’s companionship and unconditional love inspired me to find the best food, day care, grooming and hotel. I want to make sure that the care Hana receives is the best. I met Lily who worked for a large national retail store for over ten years. I knew immediately that I could trust her with Hana. She took such care and attention to detail when grooming my little fluff ball. She shows patience and has an enthusiasm to all pets. Her family has a cute little Pomeranian named Snowy. When Hana and Snowy met, they became very good friends. I remember seeing their squirrel-shaped tails wagging as they running, chasing each other, ears flowing with the wind.  Lily and I thought out loud, “Why don’t we start our own business for these lovely, furry friends?” “Why don’t we share our passion with more pets and their owners so we can bring them joy and peace of mind when it comes to their pet’s health?” We decided to focus on the relationships with our clients and their beloved pets. We want a business model where quality and loyalty far outweighs quantity and short term gains. We want an environment where our staff can promote our love for pets. With Lily’s knowledge and experience working for a large national pet care retail store for over ten years,  combined with my years of relevant experience managing finance and accounting and both of our passion for pets, we succeeded in opening Hana Snowy Pet Salon and Spa in March 2015 in San Marino, California. 

Thanks to all of our loyal friends and customers, our business grew and continues to grow faster than expected. Everyday, seeing our furry friends leave our store stylishly trimmed, with bright smiles and wagging tails is more delightful than having a glass of the finest red wine. 

– Judy Chen, Co-Founder